Teaching Is
My First Love

Before having children, I was a teacher. And my passion was learning all I could about how people learn so to best serve my students. I'm excited to once again dive into teaching- this time on a subject that is so near and dear to my heart. Photography. 


This industry of photography has a lot of talent, but just because someone knows how to take photos and run a business doesn't necessarily mean they know how to teach you in a way that will ensure YOUR success. Teaching is a lot more than just saying what you do. It is knowing your students, their circumstances, and adapting what you know so that your students can be confident and capable too.

INQUIRE ABOUT a mentorship


No one mentorship will look the same. We will begin with a pre-consultation before you even book with me. After, you will receive a personalized game plan that will outline all the goals and subjects we will discuss on our zoom calls. We will meet four times over zoom, and with every call you will receive a goal to meet before our next call. And then at the end of the mentorship you will be invited to join me for a styled shoot that we have designed together. 

One Hour Zoom Session 

  • PRE-joining consultation (Free)
  • A personalized game plan outlining our time together
  • 4 zoom mentorship sessions (1 hour long each) Personalized to meet your needs


*Add on a styled session to be guided by me and planned to meet your own specific style for $400.

*travel not included 

If you don't want to commit to a bigger mentorship session. I also offer stand-alone calls where I can review your portfolio or answer other questions that you might have. 


Whats included:  

Styled Shoots

COME join Me IN Virginia Beach

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6 unique stations: 
-two beautiful in-home family sessions 
-A mother in a beautiful bathtub with her baby
-A maternity session in a pool
-two family sessions at the beach

All models will be styled and dressed by me in timeless and top of the line clothing

Between the in-home and beach portions of the event, there will be light refreshments served and time to talk and get to know other attendees. 

When beginning any photography business, one of your top priorities has to be gaining experience with your camera while also building a portfolio that matches the brand you are aiming to create. 

My styled shoots are for photographers of every experience level- starting out to the most experienced. There is something to be gained for us all. Come make friends, observe how others direct and guide the models, gain experience with your camera, and create for the sake of creating. 

Everyone will leave with beautiful photos and a renewed love for the art of photography. 

October 7th 


Bonus: I know many are coming from out of town so there is An option to spend the night and/or attend a sunrise shoot. Starting at $200!

There is one room with 4 twin beds that will be $350 per bed.
And 1 private king room for $550 each. 
2 private queen beds $450  each.
1 pull out couch bed $350 
Or if you live in the area and want to come back for the sunrise shoot it is $250. 



let's make art together